Lockdown music sale

Bored with playing with your organ at home during lockdown? You need some new music! Until the end of February there will be 15% off all 20 and 31 note rolls. There will also be 20% off all 20 note, 30k, 48k and 65k MIDI files. Discount does not include postage. Contact us for a music list.

31 note organ in Cornwall
We have recently delivered a new 31 note hand turned street organ to a customer in Cornwall. Bellows powered, the music is operated by a reliable MIDI system. There are three melody registers operated by manual slider stops; violin, piccolo and bourdon celeste.

A small Victorian 9 note Serinette (bird organ) came in for some remedial work including re-sealing of the inside of the internal windways & chest, repairing/revoicing several pipes, making a new front board for one pipe & cleaning/straightening metalwork/springs. See it play here
No job is too small.



First Rob Barker Organ in Denmark!
We are delighted to have built & supplied the first UK built busker organ in Denmark. It is a dual format instrument, playing from either paper roll or MIDI. Watch the video here.

There are some new videos to check out on our videos page.

The latest arranger we introduce to you is Bob Stuhmer from the USA, who has been busy arranging music.  Take a look at his list.
We are now offering MIDI add-ons for organs with Pell Harmonist player systems, amongst others. Take advantage of the variety & economy of MIDI arrangements while still being able to enjoy your original Harmonist music. We are also happy to convert or add other player systems to your organ such as roll or book, whether your organ has a pneumatic or electronic player system.
We have quite a collection of video clips on You Tube now but please note that they are just filmed to give an idea of a few of the things we can do. They are recorded in the garden on a camera, so the sound cannot do the instruments justice. We offer a sample CD to enable the organs to be heard as they should.
Don't forget to check out the Rob Barker Organs Youtube Channel featuring videos of some of the projects we have worked on.
If you need help and advice with your organ project I am happy to speak to you via SKYPE when the webcam comes in very handy to allow me to demonstrate things. I'd be pleased to help with all your organ and music queries, by email or telephone too. 
If you are tempted by the idea of a new organ then get in touch to discuss what you want and your budget, no obligation. We offer stage payments to all customers. There is usually a waiting list, a deposit holds your place in the build queue.
Variable speed crank sensor now available for SD MIDI Controllers.
Either retro-fit or new.
We can now supply book music for the 48 note Racca Piano Melodico! 
Rob Barker 20 Note Hand Turned Roll Players
 Our organs are all individually made to your requirements. For example hand turned organs  can be either right handed or left handed. You can choose wood veneers or painted finish.  We can even commission our talented artists to add paintings or designs of your choice. 
 We are now on Facebook, please leave us a message if you can!  
We are now introducing a Fully Chromatic Organ- want to try arranging your own music but confused by all the scales? This small organ may be just what you are looking for.
You can be assured that the organ you get from us will be superbly hand built to your requirements. We offer a lifetime free tuning guarantee. We strive to keep prices low whilst maintaining quality of parts and workmanship so that more and more people can take up this fascinating hobby.