Website updated 15th January 2021
 Welcome to the online home of Rob Barker Organs, a mechanical musical instrument builder, restorer & music arranger based near Spalding in Lincolnshire

 Busker Organs, Street Organs, Fair Organs
We are delighted to build roll players, book players or MIDI controlled organs
or Dual Format organs combining the best of both worlds. We also supply music in any format.  
Rob offers a full range of services, ranging from small local projects to major international work, and everything in between. He is a highly experienced pipe voicer, but equally skilled at making bellows, tackling complicated electronics and music arranging.
Bespoke organs our speciality
Rob is happy to offer you a no-obligation quote now.
 contact us email or telephone 01406 330162 for more information.

We hope you enjoy the website, why not look at the services we offer or get in touch?

Professional Quality, Enthusiasts Care for over 25 years! 


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