Gallery of Restorations

A small Victorian 9 note Serinette (bird organ) came in for some remedial work including re-sealing of the inside of the internal windways & chest, repairing/revoicing several pipes, making a new front board for one pipe & cleaning/straightening metalwork/springs. See it play here
No job is too small.


Barrel Organ Project.
I have been working on a Norwegian barrel organ built in the 1890s, on a scale similar to a modern 20 note. But it only has one barrel of  unknown Norwegian music.  It  now has a MIDI system inside in addition to the barrel. All one has to do to change from MIDI to barrel is raise the keyframe up or down as you would with normal barrel operation. It still uses the original pipes and bellows, nothing in the organ has been disturbed. The organ has  116 pipes including a quint mixture which gives it a unique sound. The MIDI system is totally removable and all that has been done to the original organ is put two screw holes into the case to hold a rail with magnets in place. I think this now gives a lovely old organ a new lease of life and a future bringing music to more people.  Take a look it playing on the Videos page which links to You Tube
 Interior views of the Norwegian barrel organ showing MIDI player system.

 Fair Organ restoration
 Carol & Nigel Foster collecting their 46 keyless fair organ after restoration by us.
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 Barrel Piano restoration
John Barker's Pesaresi Barrel Piano undergoes a rebuild.
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