Take a look at The Accordomotion a beautiful accordion, a design inspired by the roll playing Tanzbar accordion from the 1920s.
The Accordomotion is an accordion that genuinely plays itself.   Mounted on an attractive circular base, reminiscent of an old gramophone, everything is self contained. Just plug in and play.
 The air is supplied by an almost silent electric blower so the accordion inflates, an SD MIDI controller sends the music signals to hidden solenoids  under the keys  to move them up and down,  all you need to do is sit back to watch and listen.
Video  of the Accordomotion on You Tube HERE
The sound quality of the video clips does not do the  Accordion or organs justice. For that reason we offer a sample CD for people to hear the organs  as they should sound.
Contact us if you need more information. 
A 48 bass accordion will comfortably play 4 octave chromatic arrangements, whereas a 96 or 120 bass will handle almost anything.
Prices vary  depending on the size and make of accordion used, you can even supply your own for us to bring to life!
From £1900 with 20 tunes, contact us for more information